Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty’s Mother, Sara Kahn

Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty’s Mother Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty’s Mother

Sleeping Beauty: blue acrylic display box, acrylic paint, glitter powder, glue, ribbon, clay; Sleeping Beauty’s mother: make up box, acrylic paint, glue, acrylic display box

Sara Kahn is an artist and illustrator currently living in San Francisco with her husband and three cats. Her fascination with visual delights started at an early age. She is mesmerized by the color of light going through a prism or the way colors run together when one puts them on the paper; a beautiful brocade pattern; a marvelous dream; the gestures of a kitten. She paints in an attempt to take visual notes of what she finds intriguing. Sara’s illustrations using a combination of techniques have appeared in Cricket and Cicada magazines. She has won many prizes and honors for her artworks, including the SCBWI Magazine Merit award for illustration.