All In Together

A Note to our Artists, Past, Present and Future

We’re so thankful for the generosity of our artists,
past, present and future, who make this event such a success.
We wish we could include all of you in our auction, every two years!
But this year, with a change in venue (to Ava Gallery)
and a Friday evening preview and auction,
we’ve had to limit the number of artists who could be included.

If we didn’t ask you this year, we hope you understand.
(And because we know how often artists are asked to contribute
to fundraisers, we expect some of you were secretly relieved!)
But if you want to join us next time around for the
Great Goose Egg Auction in 2014, email us or call us at 802-785-2077.

Thanks for your continued support.
We couldn’t do what we do, without you!