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Fishies, Rebecca Thornburgh

It’s always a thrill to have the honor of painting an egg for the Great Goose Egg Auction! It’s delicious to paint on a goose egg’s gorgeous, curved, chalky surface!

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Rebecca Thornburgh draws silly creatures and thinks up weird stories all day long. She has illustrated over 135 books for children, two nine-foot fiberglass polar bears, a bunch of murals, numerous goose eggs, and an emu egg. When not at the drawing table, she sings – a lot: with the Philadelphia Women’s Music Project, a chamber choir; Reckless Amateurs, an Americana band; Mendelssohn Club Chorus, a big symphonic choir; and her church choir. She also sorta kinda plays the fiddle. She lives with her husband and dogs in a pleasantly spooky Victorian house.

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